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10 best toys for goldendoodles and labradoodles

Posted by TheDapperDogBox on Feb 16, 2018 7:11:16 PM

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Goldendoodles, labradoodles, and other doodle mixes are becoming some of America's most popular breeds of dog. These energetic and super smart dogs need toys that can hold up to their powerful jaws so they don't decide to chew on your couch or those new Tory Burch heels. We've rounded up a list of our top 10 favorite toys and rated them from 1-10, 1 being our favorite.  Keeping in mind the physical and mental activity needs of doodles, the toys listed are a combination of treat dispensing, rubber chew toys, squeaky, balls and more.

1. Sodapup Lifesaver Treat Dispensing Toy

sodapup dog toy a life saver ring toy the dapper dog box.jpg

Why We Love It?

It's shaped like a lifesaver candy and your dog will be drawn to its pretty red color! Its also made in the USA, so its free of any harmful chemicals and its always great to support local companies. Its also insanely durable, made of thick eco friendly rubber. You can stick treats inside or freeze it with peanut butter and its the perfect interactive toy for your goldendoodle or labradoodle and will entertain them for hours.

Click Here to Purchase: $12.99

2. Mighty Unicorn by Tuffy

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Why We Love It?

No amount of slobbery love can take the beauty out of these Unicorns! They are so cute and because they are made with an ultra durable material on the inside and outside, they stand up to the toughest chewers. Soft fleble material with soft edges.

Click Here to purchase: $24.96

3. Petqwerks Barkbone


Why we love it?

It's a Nylon Cew Bone that is inflused with real bacon- how cool is that! It can stand up to the heaviest chewers and makes the perfect chew for your doodle-breed dog. Its made and sourced in the USA and contains zero attitives, flavorings or colorants. The curve of the toy makes it very easy and natural for your pup to pick it up. It comes in two sizes: Extra Large is 8 inches and Large is 6.5 inches.

Click Here to Purchase: $11-15

4. Petsafe Busy Buddy Tug a Jug Toy

The Dapper Dog Box Petsafe tug a lug dog toy.jpgThe Dapper Dog Box Petsafe tug a jug dog toy.jpg

Why We Love It?

It’s like fast food for dogs, particularly goldendoodles. It holds up to an entire meal worth of kibble, won’t only satisfy your dog’s hunger, but keep him occupied for quite some time, too.

The unique design features a textured rubber wrap, which cleans teeth, a rope to tug on, and a jug filled with snacks. Best suited for larger breeds, it’s basically a dog’s dream. 

Click Here to Purchase: $14.95

5. Zippy Paws Milk & Cookie Toy

the dapper dog box zippy paws milk cookie toy heavy chewers.jpg

Why We Love It?

It's one of the most adorable toys weve ever seen. Your pup will spent time trying to extract the cookies from the milk carton. It Includes 3 small, plush Cookie squeaker toys inside the main Milk Carton toy with two holes on the side. This toy will challenge your small dog to see how many toys they can extract from the carton! Overall dimensions are approximately 6"D x 5"W x 7.5"H. 

Click Here to Purchase: $13.99

6. Fran the Flamingo Rope Toy by Jax & Bones

the dapper dog box heavy chewers goldendoodles jax and bones flamingo toy.jpg

Why We Love It?

This adorable toy is not only perfect for spring but its made of eco friendly non toxic rope, so its great for dogs that like to shred toys. As your dog chews, their rope toys fray and act like doggie dental floss! The best part of this toy is that 10% of the proceeds from these toys are donated to rescue and animal welfare groups. 

7. Ruff Dawg Gummy Bear Crunch Toy

ruffdawg gummy bear dog toy the dapper dog box doodle toys.jpg

These Gummy Bear's make the perfect interactive toy, each include a special lining which gives it a Crunchy sound and feel that heavy chewer doodles go wild for! Gummy is made of 100% superior grade rubber that’s tear and puncture resistant. Fill it with treats for added stimulation. Made in the U.S.A.

Click Here to Buy: $11.95

8. Cycle Dog High Roller Ball

cycle dog high roller ball the dapper dog box.jpg

Why We Love It?

These High Roller Rubber Balls by Cycle Dog are made from Ecolast post-consumer recycled material. Their unique shape and erratic bounce make them more fun than regular balls. A ToughSqueak squeaker is internally molded inside the ball for extra durability. They're also great water toys because they float about the surface! Dimensions: Large: 3.5″

Click Here to Purchase: $11

9. Silly Squeakers Wine Bottle Toy 

wine bottle for dogs doodle chewer toy.jpg

Why We Love It?

Add some fun and class to your household with Silly Squeakers Novelty Wine Bottle dog toys. These fun, squeaky toys are made of a custom blend of durable, safe Vinyl that will surely make them your dog's favorite toy and yours too. This toy is comparable to the size of a Champagne bottle.

Click Here to Buy: $15

10. Goughnuts Dog Ring Chew Toy

goughnuts dog toy heavy chewers the dapper dog box toys for goldendoodles.jpg

A virtually Indestructible (and guaranteed) chew toy! GoughNuts toys have been designed by mechanical and polymer engineers. If your pet can chew through the outer layer to expose the inner red layer, GoughNuts will replace your toy for FREE! All GoughNut dog toys float and make excellent fetching toys. Made in the USA!

Click Here to Buy: $22


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