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11 DIY Dog costumes for halloween

Posted by TheDapperDogBox on Sep 24, 2018 9:38:54 PM



Are you scratching your head trying to nail down the cutest costume for your dog this Halloween? Halloween pics on Instagram are serious business. I am constantly blown away at peoples creativity and dogs compliance to wear such ridiculous outfits.

You can of course pop over to Target or The Halloween Store but for those of us who would rather spend that $40 on starbucks ( yes please), you can make a costume for a fraction of the price. Here are some of our top faves.

1. Unicorn + Flamingo Pool Float 



This costume is brilliant! Its so fun, so cute and so TRENDING! Click here for this DIY costume for dogs

2. Unicorn ( The Easy Version)

DIY Unicorn Dog Costume for Halloween

Everyone is unicorn obsessed, we get it- we are too. This costume is really easy to put together with a quick trip to Michaels. 

Brit+Co- DIY Unicorn Costume


3. " Puppachino " Thank you Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Dog Halloween costume the dapper dog box


This one may be for the more artisitc folks, but youll need a knitted basket, some paint for the logo, a hat with a looped ribbon and some tissue paper for the head and there you have it, Starbucks Puppachino. Also, if your on instagram, this account is someone you MUST follow immediately. @shannonkatecypress

4. Smores 

DIY halloween Costumes The Dapper Dog Box

One of our favorite DIY websites also has amazing costume ideas for your dog.

Check out DIY studios to make this SUPER easy Dog Halloween Smores Costume. It only requires 3 supplies and some hot glue. #EasyPeasy

5.  Characters from "Where The Wild Things Are"

Where The Wild Things Are


This costume is SO cute and I love it because its something you can do with your pet. Its also a famous childrens book and movie. Also, how cute is this little frenchie named Knuckles- we love him :)

6. Cereal Killer

cereal-killer halloween costume for dogs DIY

This is just brilliant, and SO EASY!!! If your in a pinch for a last minute costume, this one is for you.

Snag this DIY costume at Sew DoggyStyle

7. Cupcake AKA Pupcake 

Cupcake dog halloween costume the dapper dog box

Cupcake Dog Halloween Costume

8. Lion Dog


For the Serengeti seekers, this lion mane is pretty amazing. Its relatively easy to make once you buy the fur. Click here for the full instructions.

To order the faux fur, click here

9. Hipster Dog

Hipseter Dog Costume for Halloween

This is so adorable! You know this dog is saying, "Where's my puppachino mom."

All you need is a childs outfit, target, gap or from any shop, kids glasses and a kids faux fedora hat! Love it,

Check out the full guide of Dog Halloween Costumes at Brit + Co.

10. No Sew Monster Dog


This costume is so easy + you dont need a needle or a thread. Some of you ( like me) are pretty terrible at sewing, give me a glue gun and I'm good to go! 

Click here to view this DIY Dog Costume Idea 

11. Ladybug

Ladybug dog halloween pet costume

This costume is so cute and really easy and really CHEAP to make! A quick trip to Micheals and you have all you need. Click here to check out this cheap DIY costume idea for dogs.

Did we miss anything? Comment below for your faves!


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