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8 Ways to Make your dapper dog instagram famous

Posted by TheDapperDogBox on May 11, 2018 12:03:22 AM




If you have a dog, chances are you've probably posted hundreds of photos of them on instagram. You've probably also wondered how some accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers! Are DIY dog costumes really that interesting? What makes golden doodles playing with toys so share-worthy? How do you get a photo of your dog unboxing the subscription box? Don't worry we get it and we will share a helpful guide on how to make your dog instagram famous AND give you tips from @sheepishaddie @thegoldensrule @pupsonpar  @noodlelovesyou @theproperpupper, and @mayathedox who have a combined instagram following of 375,000.

Brand and Theme

Instagram is all about telling a story with a personality

One of the best tips we constantly hear from people is that you need to create a brand and personality around your pet account! Before you start, think a few descriptive words and phrases for your pet's brand. It could be  bright and colorful, or a specific filter, photos at the beach, or hiking. Make sure all your photos have a similar theme so your followers know what to expect when they see your pet in their newsfeed. This also makes your profile look more visually pleasing. Keep things consistent. 


Planning Your Posts

Having a curated page is key when it comes to making your dog Instagram famous and developing your brand. Coming up with creative content takes work, so you can set aside some time each week or month and plan to take several photos and videos, then spread them over a few weeks. We personally use the app @planoly which allows you to plan out posts in advance, as well as create hashtag groups and schedule posts anytime you want to.

@mayathedox says, "One of the key things to our success has been to create a consistent theme on our page. We always lay out our posts on a preview app first to make sure it all goes well with our spread before posting."

maya the dox instagram famous dog

Creative Content

Taking the same old photos every time will get really boring to your followers so make sure to switch things up! You can incorporate different colors, different locations, add props to your photos, etc. 

@thatdoodsquad says, "Good content is the most important thing you can do! Create high quality photos and include a hashtag for your account name." 




Aim to post every day or at least 5 days per week. The more you post, the more engagement opportunities you have with people and you'll automatically get more visibility with followers. 

@theproperpupper says, "Content and consistency are key! Sometimes Instagram can feel like a roller coaster. The key is to push through and keep posting regularly! Shoot for once a day and the followers will keep climbing." 

Properpupper instagram famous dogs



This seems like a no brainer but, low quality photos = no/slow instagram growth. You need good photos, period. The best bet is to invest a little money into a DSLR camera. If you cant afford that, the Iphone can take decent photos but a real camera is what will put your account ahead and look more professional. Other helpful tips would be good lighting, clear images and learn how to edit the photos to make them brighter. There are editing software that are free but investing a little money and learning basics of photoshop can go a long way! You want your images to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, so bright, colorful and clear. 



Tagging is your # 1 best friend when accumulating followers. Research the most popular hashtags for pet accounts while also creating your own hashtag for your specific pet. This tag will have to be versatile so it can be used for pretty much any photo. And always include your pet's name in the tag!

@noodlelovesyou says, "Hashtags play a key part in social media success. We use hashtags to describe and relate to the image we are posting. We try not to use too many popular/high density hashtags and keep them fresh so we don't look too spammy to instagram."

 @thegoldensrule says, " For us, the number one thing that has helped us grow has been using hashtags. It definitely helps get your account more visibility."  In addition, you always want to tag other pets, people or places that are in your photos so that you optimize search ability. @sheepishaddie says," Copy hashtags from accounts you aspire to be like- no reason to reinvent the wheel."




This is Huge! You need to invest a LOT of time liking, commenting and searching for new accounts to engage with. If someone comments on your photo be sure to reply back! People are more likely to comment when they see other comments already there.

@pupsonpar says "I think the best advice for growing your account is to be creative and unique, don't over post, keep your captions smaller and most importantly, Engage with your audience and be active on their accounts too."



Networking & Relationship Building

Follow more accounts, become friends with other accounts and that will help you get more followers.

@thegoldensrule says, "Getting followers is one thing but staying engaged with them (commenting on their photos), helps keep them!"

Kerrie, Owner of Pet Subscription Box- The Dapper Dog Box says, "Networking has attributed to our growth on instagram this past year! Forming relationships with some amazing people has opened the doors to other opportunities! Instagram isn't just about sharing photos its a place to build friendships, business relationships and to have some fun."

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