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6 "Must have" Pet Products for Summer!

Posted by TheDapperDogBox on Aug 19, 2018 7:24:38 PM


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The dog days of summer are almost over but we've rallied up a fun list of "must have" items to keep the summer spirit going a little longer. Soak up the sun, hit the beach and remember- there is no such thing as spoiling your dog too much.

1.Le Croix Dog Toy - Shop At MuttropolisBarkley DOodles Le Croix Dog Toy -2


Everyone's favorite sparkling water is now a cute plushie dog toy. Shop Muttroplis's collection of adorable toys including Le Croix, a Pelican, and a Corona Cooler set ( my personal favorite).

Corona Dog Toy lick croix dog toy plush pelican dog toy

Kate Spade Dog ToyPlush unicorn dog toycalifornia dog toy ore

FREE Shipping over $49, click here to get automatic discount.

2.Pineapple Bowtie + Collar Set by Crew Lala

Pineapple Bow tie collar the dapper dog box crew lala accessories for dogs

After our recent trip to Charleston in August, we are obsessed with both Crew Lala and Charleston. Rainbow row, the pineapple fountain, the old southern charm just exudes style, fashion, warmth and fun. Crew Lala is based in Charleston and they have amazing colorful and fun vibes bandanas, bowties, collars and leashes and more. 

Here are some of our favorite bandana prints from Crew La la.

Ice Cream cone dog bandana the dapper dog box crew lalaCrew La la Blue seersucker the dapper dog box bandanas for dogsRainbowRow-Bandana crew La La Dog Bandanas the dapper dog box Bandanas for dogs


Click here to visit the Crew LaLa Collection

3. Pridebites Dog Toys

thegoldensrule ice cream Pridebites Dog Toy The Dapper Dog Box


Pridesbites is one of our favorite pet toy companies! Their toys are super cute and trendy, they float and they are machine washable! They were also featured on Sharktank :) 

The ice cream cone toy was featured in our second Dapper Dog Box, back in August of 2016 and we have loved this company and their toys ever since. We also featured their "Starbucks" Coffee toy in our November 2017 box, click here to check out one of my favorite toys by pridebites

Pridebites munchie Mutt Pack    

Click Here to Check out the Pridebites collection and use code THEDAPPERDOGBOX for 20% off your purchase!

4. Fun Giftboxes By The Dapper Dog Box



We recently started releasing fun themed giftboxes for our furry friends. So far, we have the Georgia Themed Gift Box and The California Themed Gift Box but we have more on the way, including Texas Florida and NewYork. 

The dapper dog box gifts for dogs georgia peach giftbox

@sheldonthedood @quenchmyheart

Click Here to view our collection of giftboxes, toys and accessories. These make perfect gifts for friends dogs, your favorite instagram buddy or for your own pup. Each specialty giftbox includes a Ripley and Rue bandana worth over $25+.

5.Pineapple + Watermelon Toy Collection Set

Watermelon and Pineapple dog toy petlou the dapper dog box


These adorable toys are were featured in our August Dapper Dog Box. They have been so popular we decided to sell them on our shop page. Each toy is perfectly plushy, so bright and colorful ( you almost want to eat it) and they are perfect for dogs of all sizes. Each toy is 8 inches long with one squeaker.

Click Here to check out the toy collection.

6. My Ollie Dog Food + Discount for 50% off Your First Box



All Natural, Human Grade Dog Food, Delivered to your door! It's customizable and flexible with delivery + quantity

Were OBSESSED with Ollie and here is why:

My beloved dog Asha is the worlds pickiest eater. She will NOT eat dry kibble, she will not eat biscuits, she hates most treats unless they are freeze dried meat or the smelly chewy treats with way too many ingredients. #FoodSnob.We decided to try Ollie this year and instantly fell in love. Asha went from not eating her food to gobbling down every meal and licking her bowl clean.For the first time in her life, she is excited to eat! 

Its healthy! The food is 100% all natural, human grade made and includes yummy ingredients like lentils and blueberries- things we actually eat.

Ollie has stellar customer service. I use the word "stellar," very rarely because it takes a lot to impress me, but I have been blown away by theirs. We had a mixup with our food delivery schedule and they handled it so professionally, I cannot say enough good things about this company. Lastly, their design + packaging is so fun, they create an experience for you and your dog with every box. They also have impeccable taste with all their products ( fun box, adorable branded cover for the food trays and everything else is just beautifully designed.


 OLLIE-beef-dog-food-review-1-720x642 Ollie-dog-food

Click Here to get 50% off your first box of Ollie Dog Food


Did we miss anything? Comment below on your must haves for the dogmoms in your life!

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