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The Ultimate Party Guide To celebrating your dog's birthday

Posted by TheDapperDogBox on Mar 15, 2018 6:32:17 PM

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Can you think of one good reason to NOT have a fun celebration for your dogs birthday? They show us so much unconditional love, support and sloppy kisses, why not give them some presents and yummy treats. Dogs are becoming more and more part of the family, espeiclaly with so many millenials waiting to have children, or not wanting them at all. Did you know that 65% of American families own pets and 91% of those consider their dog to be part of the family. Dogs are becoming people's kids and now its SO easy to find easy ways to make them have a special day.

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Scroll through to see 10 super easy ideas to make their birthday perfect.

1. Have a Birthday Party



 There is nothing cuter than a dog's birthday party. Dress them up in a party hat, hang up streamers and get a pup approved cake! Invite your human friends over and your pups doggie friends and you will have a blast.

2. Bake Them a Birthday Cake 



Its easy to buy a birthday cake for your dog but you can make your own cake for less than $10! Puppy Cake makes cake mix boxes that just require oil, eggs and you can make your own red velvet, carob, carrot or maple bacon flavored cakes. It even includes icing mix. All approved for a pups sensitive tummies.

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3. Get Them a SUPER cute Birthday themed gift box by The Dapper Dog Box.



The Dapper Dog Box makes the CUTEST birthday boxes for your pets special day. It includes everything you need to celebrate in style. It includes Pupy Cake and Ice cream Mix, a Donut toy, a bag of treats and a Ripley and Rue "More Cake Please" Bandana. Each box comes wrapped in special polka dot wrapping paper and includes a birthday card where you can leave a custom giftnote to your dog. This also makes the perfect gift for all the special birthday boys and girls.

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4. Order them some Party Gear ( Ripley + Rue Bandana)

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These reversable, artisan made bandanas are our personal favorite! You can customize them by adding your pets name and choose the fabric colors. Not only are you supporting a women owned company but they also donate $1 from every sale to animal rescues in Omaha.

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5. A Blingy Party Hat or Crown by Busters Party Shop

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Just because.. well why not these are just too cute! These crowns or hats will make the birthday boy or girl simply royal. Be sure to allow plenty of time for shipping as these party hats are all handmade. Adorable doodle is not included:)

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6. "All You Need Is Love and a Dog" Watercolor Art Print 

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Original Watercolor Art by Laurie Duncan Art & Design. The original was painted by Laurie in her studio after being insired by her puppy Barkely, a mini goldendoodle. How gorgeous is this? Makes the perfect gift for any dog lover.  If youre looking for a custom drawing/painting of your dog, she does that too.

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7. Give Dog Friendly Favors like DIY Chicken Jerky

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If your dog is anything like mine, she goes bezerk for chicken treats, but they have to be meaty, stinky and chewy. This recipe is super easy and only requires 3 ingredients. Make them at home, and toss them in little goodie bags and you have easy peasy party favors for the pups. Click Here for the DIY Chicken Jerky Recipe

8. Get them some Foodie Toys to Play With

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Zippy Paws makes the cutest dog toys. They are our favorite brand because the toys are super cute and durable. These cake toys are the perfect toy to make any birthday pawty more festive.

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You can also get donuts, cupcake or ice cream toys too. 

9. Hire a Party Agency to plan, prep and put together the best party 

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If you are lucky enough to live in New York City, this Brooklyn based company makes party planning a breeze. Let the decisions and decorating to them and theyw ill put together a perfect party for you. Everything from Cake, invitations and the goody bags- they have it covered.

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10. Party Decorations! Tassels,Garland Cake Toppers and More

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Complete your perfect party with decorations from Wants & Wishes. This boutique shop has everything from cute Confetti to Party Invitations, to gorgeous Gift Tags,  Cake Toppers, Balloons and Garlands. 

Click Here to order your party decorations. 

Did we miss anything? Comment below on your party essentials and we will keep updating our list. 



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